How to eat the carbs without gaining weight?

Don’t ditch the need them.

But you need the right ones, as very carb has an effect on blood glucose (sugar) levels. Sugar, potatoes, bread, pasta, most fruit, most cereals and short-grain rice all push up glucose levels fast and high.

We call these high-GI (glycaemic index) carbs. You secrete more insulin when you eat these carbohydrates and unfortunately insulin is great at promoting body fat, so you put extra weight and your arteries get clogged up. In time, you may develop insulin resistence, which eventually tips over into type 2 diabete. Plus you’re more likely to develop coronary heart disease.

 So what’s the answer?

Concentrate on low-GI carbs.Examples are apples, oranges, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, sourdough bread, small portions of wholemeal pasta cookes al dente,long-grain rice-these are good carbs.A great resource for checking the GI index of your food is Healthy breakfast choises include:

  • Porridge made with rolled oats and skimmed milk.

            Skip the honey- it’s just a fancy way of eating sugar! Instead, if you have a sweet tooth, use an artificial sweetener such as Splenda.

  • Scrambled egg on sourdough toast (sourdough is relatively low GI), rye bread or wholegrain bread. Add smoked salmon as an extra indulgence. Enjoy!
  • Unsweetened, fat-free yoghurt with berries, sweetened if you prefer with artificial sweetener.
  • Wholegrain muesli.



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